Ice Melt

Valley Fertilizer Ice Melt products require certain instructions be followed to prevent damage from occurring to certain surfaces. Several products are pet friendly, sidewalk safe, and environmentally safe, but should still be applied in accordance to the recommendations to prevent damage.

  • Apply the Ice Melt products on surfaces to melt or prevent ice formation

  • Once the ice has melted it’s best to remove the product from the surface to prevent damages

  • Do Not Apply to concrete that is chipped, cracked or less than 1 year old

  • Do Not Apply to exposed aggregate, pre-cast concrete, or brick surfaces

  • Do Not Apply to gravel roads or driveways

  • Be sure to wipe your pet’s feet if excessive contact is made

  • Do not allow pets or children to ingest

Water from melted ice may enter in or around cracks, chips, or joints and
Freeze-Thaw damages may occur if the above recommendations are not followed! ​​

Melting Effectiveness

Eutectic Temperature is a standard of measurement for determining a product or mixtures lowest melting point.
Several factors, including but not limited to, sunlight, wind, traffic, and surface type may influence the actual functioning temperature of the ice melt products.

ProductTemp (F)
Sodium Chloride-20
Calcium Chloride-25
Magnesium Chloride-25
Potassium Chloride+10

Exclusion of Warranties

Valley Fertilizer issues no warranty, expressed or implied, for the results and/or consequences for the use of these products. Valley Fertilizer shall bear no responsibility for any damages that may occur, by the consumer/user of these products.

Bagged Fertilizer Brochure

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