Nutrients are an important part to any living organism’s growth and sustainability. Nutrients can be absorbed through the air, water, or obtained through the soil in the form of Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Plants especially need nutrients to reach their highest health, growth, and yield potential, which can be provided through fertilizers. Fertilizers are available in many forms and different analyses based on the needs of the plant. The fertilizer you apply is based on the nutrients available or lacking in the soil in the form of N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorous), and K (Potassium). The three sets of numbers you may see on a bag of fertilizer represents the percentages of NPK within that bag and are listed in that order. For example, 10-10-10, means there is 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorous, and 10% Potassium ingredients in that bag. The best way to determine what type and how much fertilizer the soil may need is through a soil sample. The sample will give you a recommended amount of NPK to be added to the soil. Special fertilizer blends available upon request.

** Always use caution when applying fertilizers because over-fertilization and plant damage can occur.

Biosolids and Custom Blends are Also Available

Bagged Fertilizers

Nitrogen (N): Helps plants make the proteins that produce new plant tissues such as leaves. It can be used to “green up” a lawn or side dressed onto corn to stimulate growth. Nitrogen can be “Fixed” or put back into the soil by several varieties of plants, including most Legumes.
Phosphorous (P): Helps stimulate root growth, increases seed size, increases plant vitality, and helps the plants set buds and flowers. Phosphorous uptake is largely dependent on soil acidity or alkalinity (pH).
Potassium (K): Essential in all processes related to plant growth and reproduction. Often referred to as the “quality” nutrient, as it helps with the quality and appearance (size, shape, color, taste) of the plant and its fruit. It is known to aid in drought tolerance through water regulation.

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Bagged Fertilizer Brochure

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